Blended French Vodka Kookla

Luxury and French elegance

Kookla vodka is distilled and bottled in the region of Cognac.

Unique Assembly of different recipes of our creation, made by one of the most talented masters of chai, concedes KOOKLA span which made her one of the most gentle and fragrant of the market Premium vodkas.


The “MATRYOSHKA”, a true Ambassador of tradition and the Russian image born under the splendor of the era of the Tsars. The France is known and recognized for the French Touch, the creativity, the quality of its luxury goods.


The designer Philippe Seys has retained the original lines of the matryoshka enriched version “fashion” of elegance and luxury in the French. It reflects a spirit of impertinence, charm and desire.


Made of wheat quality noble grain and a perfect water. Distilled specifically with all the know-how of our terroir and Assembly on the principle of Cognacs.

Haute couture

Kookla is her qualifier of Ultra Premium. Representative of the french high-end, it stands out for its style and by a flawless finish, a guarantee of quality and timeless luxury.


  • Nose: Delicate, subtle
  • Mouth: Length taste, a balance of sweetness
  • Final: Reveals all its personality and its differences

Made from quality noble grain wheat

harvested in the plains of the charentes.

Vodka Kookla sublime your cocktails

Kookla is eaten alone accompanied only by both. She will be the fundamental ingredient of your cocktails

Bloody Mary
Black Russian
October Red